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How does it work

All too often we get asked

“How does it work?” or “What do we need to do to get Vidadnet ads on our site?”

With some experience, it is a really simple task of setting up your video player with our ad tags. Usually its a once off integration and setup.

Depending if your using Brightcove, JWplayer, Flowplayer, Kaltura or any other, the setup is usually a tag integration into the actual video player hosted on your site.

We have seen some of the video developers come along way in the past few years and to be honest our parters at JW player have made it super easy from us as a Video ad network and also as a publisher of our own content.

The setup is simply a HTML script with the Liverail.ID hard coded into the page. Set and forget. See below.


JW Player LiveRail Integration