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Our Story

Vidadnet was built from a need of creating a video advertising network to help one of our SEO clients market his brand. Now we are serving 50 million video users every month with highly targeted video commercials. At Vidadnet we love helping brands find their audience. [ctapro id=22]





Over half a Billion Ads Served in over 5 years

Brand and Reach Advertising Campaigns now have the ultimate measurable medium Video Pre Roll Advertising. No other format of advertising is able to compare to the ability to match the right visitor to a video ad, no other medium can give the transparency of where, when and how long the ad was viewed and if the ad unit was clicked. Television and Film advertising cannot compete with the results from VidAdNet.

[ut_service_icon_box color=”#292929″ hovercolor=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-bullseye” headline=”Unlimited Style Options” width=”third” effect=”fadeInUp”] Unlimited targeting options, data integrations and advanced segmenting to find the right target. [/ut_service_icon_box]

[ut_service_icon_box color=”#292929″ hovercolor=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-film” headline=”Lifetime Updates” width=”third” effect=”fadeInUp”] Every creative file we can use to deliver your campaign immediately. [/ut_service_icon_box]

[ut_service_icon_box color=”#292929″ hovercolor=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-tasks” headline=”24/7 Support” width=”third” last=”true” effect=”fadeInUp”] Every connection, partner and client gets personalised email, phone and logins to every moving part. [/ut_service_icon_box]

Video Advertising – Our Way

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[ut_one_half_last] [ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-desktop” headline=”The Ultimate Pre Roll Ad Solution ” margin_bottom=”20″ shape=”round” align=”left” width=”full” effect=”slideInRight” last=”false”] We serve our ads on desktops, smartphones, tablets and some of the latest smart TVs. We are truly multi-screen. [/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-rocket” headline=”7 Minute Live Guarantee” margin_bottom=”20″ shape=”round” align=”left” width=”full” effect=”slideInRight” last=”false”] If you have a campaign to get live, we stand by our 7 minute guarantee, place the order and start the timer![/ut_service_column] [ut_service_column color=”#ffffff” background=”#FDA527″ icon=”fa-comments-o” headline=”Customer Service Professional” margin_bottom=”20″ shape=”round” align=”left” width=”full” effect=”slideInRight” last=”false”]Often the ‘adtech’ world is super anti-social, we reverse that with assigned customer support and client managers. You can get someone 24/7/365.  [/ut_service_column] [/ut_one_half_last][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]

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[ut_count_up color=”#494C50″ to=”75″ opacity=”0″ icon=”fa-clock-o” width=”fourth” last=”false”] Million Monthly Ads Served [/ut_count_up]

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